Arabic calligraphy, also known as Islamic calligraphy, is an art that we are passionate about and we take pride in designing every single piece you see. We view it as a type of art that you can’t rush into designing given how intricate it is. We then add our own background, which in turn brings the whole piece together. The beauty of digital art!

Almost all verses or phrases have meanings that apply to our day-to-day lives. If there is a particular saying that means something to you, reach out to us and let us know as we would be happy to design it for you. Depending on where you plan on having it hung, we can tailor the colors of font as well as background to the color of your walls or furniture. Our artwork can be framed or printed on a variety of items such as canvas, metal, wood, acrylic, greeting cards, mugs, notebooks, tapestries, or simply as art prints.

We hope you enjoy our artwork however you choose to have it displayed, and we welcome your feedback anytime. We would also appreciate sharing and liking our work on our social media platforms so that more and more people know about us and enjoy our products.

Team My Arabic Calligraphy